YouAdMe is a Social E-Commerce web & mobile app, which started with the intention of helping businesses to grow from better understanding their consumers' thoughts and needs through their reviews at the same time help drive attention towards the business via peer recommendations.

How we helped them

YouAdMe wanted web & mobile apps that could help them connect different users with others so they can advertise their products & sell them through the social media network. So we created web & mobile apps for them which offers uploading posts including contents like text, photos, videos, links, live streams & interactive elements such as liking, commenting, bookmarking posts etc. for advertising their products.

So we created a website for them which displays their products with their description, a filter for sorting & searching the list for a specific product, shows the offers for each item when wanted, and have a cart system for the complete process of buying all the way to payment checkout process.

We created the YouAdMe web app as they are responsive to the device's aspect ratio & look good no matter what platform you're on. They even give the host flexibility to live stream without any delay so you can watch them in real-time. Web apps are updated on their own as they don't need to be installed from the app/play store..