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We at The Schnell Apps have a host of software services which are listed below for your convenience so you can take a glance of what we have to offer you.

Pod Services

Businesses are constantly seeking to improve their processes, create efficiencies and find new & functional ways of working. In recent years, some companies have begun to adopt the Pod Delivery Model, which is an ever-evolving process that offers businesses greater flexibility and faster project delivery times. The Pod Delivery Model helps in improved decision making as they are built based on the specific skills required, which enables the team to become quickly accustomed to the strengths of each Pod member and create an efficient decision-making process right from the start. Pod services not only helps in improved decision making but also offers cross functional awareness, faster delivery times, enhanced product focus and attention to detail among many other advantages. By using the Pod Delivery Model, we will build you software by which you can choose your preferred functions streamlined according to your necessities helping us in delivering your software faster while also making it cost-effective for you.

Software Testing

Software Testing is exactly what every business must have in the current day & age of technology. With its in-house testing solutions, skilled testers, specialist testing approach, TSA's team has the talent & determination to complete any type of task. Our dedicated team sets the right priorities in the right order and increases the efficiency of your software & makes sure that the quality of the software is of the highest level so our customers get the most seamless software experience, as they expected. The main aim for us is to help our clients transform their Software Testing function to dramatically reduce software bugs, reduce testing times and lower overall testing costs to make the software more effective & seamless for the client as well as the users.

Web Development

A TSA-created website ensures that no two websites are identical. Your website will be custom-designed to meet the needs and goals of you and your brand, emphasizing your products or services and increasing leads to your business. Once your website is up and running, you may work with us to decide which features to add to improve your results and help your business expand. TSA's web developers can also help you by applying their excellent technological knowledge and incorporating the most up-to-date technologies. We also ensure that the correct development tools are selected in accordance with your brand's vision so that we can target the right audience, resulting in more prospective customers and profit for you. Furthermore, having a website or a web-based app can assist you. As tech leaders, it’s important for us to focus on maintaining both quality and efficiency in our team’s work. That’s why in order to balance both time & quality of the project; we use industry-leading software tools so that we can develop high quality software as per your expectations without any delay in time.

Here are the software tools which we use for web development:

Web Development Technologies:

      1- HTML
      2- CSS
      3- JavaScript
      4- JQuery
      5- Angular
      6- PHP
      7- UIKit
      8- Tailwind
      9- BootStrap

Following are the benefits these web development software tools provide our web developers with which, in turn, helps us in offering you a better software experience.

Easy Debugging Process

These web development technologies use frameworks focusing predominantly on improving code quality and readability for developers’ convenience assisting us in polishing the bugs much faster resulting in quicker delivery time.

Improved Code Efficiency

Web frameworks such as JavaScript, JQuery, & PHP have their key attention on improving code readability and reusability, providing the fastest and most efficient ways to develop self-sustaining web applications which result in improved & less loading time.

Easy Code Reusability

With these web frameworks at our disposal, our developers do not need to write complex code structures which might result in unnecessary bugs & extra time for clearing them. With the help of these web development tools, our developers can provide shorter delivery time and also reduce the use of extra computing resources.

Accelerated Development

With in-built coding interface, our developers save hours of coding effort. These web frameworks offer quick prototyping, easy debugging, real-time changes so when teams work on projects they can discuss quicker & apply changes instantly helping in the project to move faster & deliver web apps in time.

Enhanced Security

The use of frameworks for web application development protects and safeguards the web apps against common attacks like DDoS, SQL injection, and prevents data tampering providing a secure experience in using the apps for your users..

These were some of the main benefits of using frameworks for web application development.

Mobile App Development

A well-thought mobile app can help you in getting more people to use your app, with most people expecting mobile apps to be rather simple to use than websites, your app must be built in a unique & engaging way - which TSA can offer you! Our mobile app developers know how to create a quality user experience on Android & iOS. We design applications with attention to detail, and have deep knowledge in every aspect of Android & iOS app development, resulting in an amazing digital experience. Without limiting your functional requirements, we efficiently implement tools and services that deliver the best user experience to your final product.

Here are the software tools which we use for developing mobile apps:

Mobile App Development Technologies:

      1- React Native
      2- Ionic

Given below are how React Native & Ionic help us in creating powerful, efficient apps which can be used both on iOS & Android.

React Native

React Native, by META, is a cross-platform application development framework which ensures faster development and implementation. Reusable elements, interaction with third-party extensions and component-based GUI creation for front-end apps are some specialties that helps us in creating an engaging & fun-to-use mobile apps for your users.

Some great instances of React Native apps are well-known businesses such as Tesla, Airbnb, Skype & Amazon Prime.


Ionic is an open framework for designing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), hybrid, and cross-platform mobile application which is also a handy framework using Apache Cordova & Angular enabling us for creating Android and iOS applications that seamlessly operate together. It lets us employ various UI components in the application framework, like filtration, inputs, views, easy navigation, and actions sheets resulting in a highly functional yet beautiful & appealing mobile apps.

User Interface (UI) Design

TSA expertly designs visually-striking, user-friendly, and polished user interfaces fully customized to suit your brand's needs. Our UI team goes beyond simply perfecting the visual layout of a project's design elements-we consider the impact that typography, color theory, and accessibility requirements might have on the overall visual layout, and make adjustments accordingly. The result is a pixel-perfect, aesthetically pleasing UI-an essential piece of any desirable user experience. Before picking up a paintbrush, our design team researches and determines what kind of UI the users in your target audience expect from your website, web app or mobile app-and what kind would exceed their expectations. The expert members here at TSA's design team are a group of artisans that seamlessly marry the visual with the technology to create stunning aesthetics, gorgeous layouts, and an overall spectacular interface every time. A good User Interface (UI) is vital as it makes it easier for your target audience to clearly see your products in a better clarity. It is designed in a way for displaying the services that you offer without obscurity, in order to draw your visitors’ attention and keep them on your site. Simply put, a good User Interface (UI) is vital because it can turn potential customers to buyers as it eases interactions between the user and your website or web application.

Here are the software tools we use for creating User Interfaces (UI):

User Interface Technologies:

      1- Figma
      2- Invision
      3- Sympli

Take a look at how these software tools help us in creating some of the most unique User Interfaces (UI) you have ever come across.

All Tools in One Place

Using Sympli's designing tools, teams can have, fonts, colours and assets all in one place, with easy access. It's assets can also be exported straight from the app in PNGs, SVGs which results in hassle-free experience for creating designs fast.

Uncomplicated and Flexible

Figma supports sharing of any file or frame which keeps the design elements organized for any specific project. It's creative UI packs helps us in choosing the right elements to make your app unique & stand-out from the competitors.

Time-Saving Collaboration Features

One of InVision's best feature is collaboration as it allows designers to work individually hassle-free. This is useful for getting ideas, suggestions, feedback quickly without any delay resulting in much shorter delivery times of the software.

User Experience (UX) Design

The modern customer expects intuitive, effortless digital experiences from every platform they interact with. TSA's mission isn't to just meet those expectations, but to exceed them. Creativity is embedded in our DNA. We are visionary UX designers innovating in the intersection of form and function, of beauty and practicality, of aesthetic and accessibility. With a UX design process characterized by rapid prototyping and iterative user testing, we create a seamless and intuitive digital journey that caters users of all types. We identify the data structure that facilitates the most streamlined flow of information between your users and the platform, providing a foundation of efficiency for the entire experience. Utilizing analytics and intelligence data gathered during the research phase, our UX team designs interactions tailored to your customers, ensuring the finished solution is a seamless, intuitive experience that caters to all user types.

Customer Experience (CX)

Getting good testimonials from customers is important however for a better customer experience (CX) they are not enough. In the software development industry, there are various other factors to keep in mind for giving them a better experience which improve by providing various software services. High customer satisfaction is a business priority for us and a key to success. A great CX also helps us in keep growing us as a company. The first thing to consider while making our customers happy is to understand if the services we are providing them is are fulfilling their satisfaction or not. The user experience reflects the entirety of end-users experiences as they communicate with a product or a service. These expectations include "effectiveness" (how useful is the software functions), "usability" (how easy or budget-friendly it is?), take UX into consideration" (how good or interactive does it feel to use?) and "quality of relationship with the software firm that developed the product or service.