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Hi, we are The Schnell Apps. We're a software development firm offering services like creating unique websites, web and mobile apps, along with software testing and quality assurance, and many more software-based services that help our clients engage with their customers more easily, anywhere. TSA's aim is to offer professional services to a vast client base according to their vision and deliver the desired software in a short span of time. To accomplish this, TSA has experienced and talented professionals who are versatile and adaptable to demanding situations in a constantly changing industry. We have served major clients and achieved full satisfaction from them, which says a lot about our quality of work. We aim to lead the industry and set an example by implementing cutting-edge technologies in the software we develop and making sure it appeals to the client's audience. Ultimately, we strive to provide our clients with industry-leading quality software and exceed their expectations to achieve complete customer satisfaction while also delivering the software on time.


Schnell Apps provides high-quality and dependable IT services to its clients worldwide, assisting them in connecting with their customers without breaking the bank. We develop digital solutions such as websites, web & mobile apps, and provide software testing and quality assurance assistance to our clients by using the emerging technologies for start-ups, enterprises, SMEs, and so on. We also provide modern cutting-edge technologies while constantly exploring and implementing innovative ideas that drive long-term value for our clients.
We create a wide range of innovative and creative products and services that provide total communication and information solutions. Our goal is to provide a highly dependable and trustworthy relationship with our clients in order to improve project integration and understanding.

Our Vision

Raising Industrial Standards: Our vision is to raise industrial standards to offer vast services for businesses while being economically feasible. Being Innovative & Up-to-Date: We aim to innovate and be up-to-date with new technologies to become a well-known software firm. Exploring New Solutions: We believe in looking further than the horizon to explore new solutions and lead the industry. Serving clients better: We strive to serve our clients better by exceeding their expectations and keeping their vision intact. Digitalizing Businesses: We prioritise digitalizing businesses and assisting them in reaching a larger customer base. Teamwork: Our team has a friendly bond which helps us be transparent and trust each other, resulting in efficiency.

Our Mission

1- Delivering Innovative & Leading IT Solutions: As professional web & app developers, our mission is to offer a client-focused, result-driven, innovative & leading IT solutions to our invaluable clients globally.
2- Feature-Rich Software: We aim to offer feature-rich software to our clients while keeping their needs in mind so the user has the best experience using the software.
3- Clarity to Clients: We even strive to give our clients full clarity on the software we offer them so they know how the software is solving their problems.
4- Delivering Software Instantly: Ultimately, our mission is to help our clients by delivering them quality software instantly & have a deeper integration with them so we can assist them in a better way to a path of continued success.

Our Speciality

The Steps We Follow


We analyze and work on the specific cause and effect of your project.

Ideation & Brainstorming

After reviewing your project and gathering insights, our team goes through a brainstorming session for resolving & implementing different ideas.

Collecting and Documenting Requirements

We collect all the data & resources for the software and make a technical documentation of the internal design for making different modules, maintaining the software and other such purposes which are required at various stages of the whole software development lifecycle (SDLC).


After brainstorming and collecting the technical documents, our team moves on for creating the software's interface, architectural design, and detailed design, which are critical steps in the process.


The following stage involves putting the above-mentioned design parameters into action and writing code based on the previously agreed-upon requirements and software specifications.


After developing the software, it is tested by our team to iron out any bugs that remain so that the user experience is seamless

UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

After all bugs have been fixed, the software is made available to a small group of users who evaluate the software in real-world scenarios to look for bugs that were missed by the testing team.

Client Approval

After the completion of the user acceptance testing, the software is handed over to the client to ensure if it meets their expectations.

Go-Live Actions

Following all types of testing and client approval, the software is made available on all relevant platforms for everyone to use.

Project Setup

Project setup is crucial as it gives us a clear vision about the project which lets us avoid confusion & results in faster delivery times. Throughout the project setup, we document all the stages which we go through in the development of the software and organize it in detail to keep a record for future reference, or simply take a look at the entire process. We use software such as Jira and Goodday to keep track of the project and to work accordingly.

Maintainance and Support

After the software is made available to everyone, we even provide maintenance and support services if the customer requests for it in order to increase the software's longevity.