E-Sports Entertainment Asia (EEA)

Based in Singapore, E-Sports Entertainment Asia (EEA) was set up in 2019 to realize a bold vision-to build an all-encompassing ecosystem for E-Sports in Singapore and throughout Asia.

How we helped them

EEA wanted an E-Sports web app portal to provide services to its users so they can upload posts, connect with their fans, host live streams & E-Sports competitions. So we made a web & mobile app for them which offers the streamers to engage with their fans and let them enjoy all the live streams including E-Sports competitions & host physical meet-ups plus a lot more community activities.

We created the EEA web app as it offers much more features and can be updated without user intervention. It can even adjust to the device dimensions so they don't look odd on unsupported devices. Live streams can be aired in real-time as there are next to no lags on web apps.