E-Sports Entertainment Asia (EEA)

Based in Singapore, E-Sports Entertainment Asia (EEA) was set up in 2019 to realize a bold vision-to build an all-encompassing ecosystem for E-Sports in Singapore and throughout Asia.

How we helped them

EEA wanted an E-Sports web app portal to provide services to its users so they can upload posts, connect with their fans, host live streams & E-Sports competitions. So we made a web & mobile app for them which offers the streamers to engage with their fans and let them enjoy all the live streams including E-Sports competitions & host physical meet-ups plus a lot more community activities.

We created the EEA mobile app as they are much faster in terms of refreshing community timelines & has variety of options for notifications. They can be launched must faster and don't always require to be connected with an internet. As they are approved by the app/play store, they have many security features and not are much prone to account hacks or viruses which many users worry about.